We offer various quality integrated services to our clients at our service shop. Our experienced and skilled technical team can tailor solutions specific to each client.

Repair Service

TME Services, is a prominent provider of high-quality, precision-engineered repair, Overhaul and rewind services for all types of Low, Medium and High voltage static Motors and Generators. We are equipped with the most modern machineries and Testing Facilities that confirm to International standards, providing competitive edge in repair services. Motors up to 13.8kV, up to 30,000HP. We understand the importance of these machines to its End users and provide well-equipped facilities with highly qualified and skilled technical team, for motor rewinds, repairs and overhauling of rotating equipment up to 30,000HP.

We offer a complete range of services for AC and DC motors including AC & DC traction motors.

Field Service and Testing

While our 34,000 square meter repair facility enables us to perform any type of maintenance, we also have the capabilities to perform various field services.Our technicians have the extensive field experience needed for electric motor repair, remanufacturing, and preventative maintenance. We offer both local and coast-to-coast field services — let us come to you so you can get the solution you need, wherever your business is located. TME field services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week — whenever you need us.

Our field service includes

  1. Installation and commissioning of motors.
  2. Alignment services using latest technology Laser alignment equipment.
  3. Replacement of motors.
  4. Bearing inspections in site during shutdown.
  5. Vibration analysis using latest technology equipment.
  6. Installation of online monitoringof Partial Discharge equipment.
  7. Onsite measurement of Partial measurement.
  8. Trouble shooting.
  9. Overhauling at siteLong.
  10. Term Maintenance Agreement (LTMA)

Engineering Services

We offer the following as engineering services

  • Maintenance Program (Predictive & Preventive )
  • Failure Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Future Service (Condition Assessment)

Coils for Rotor & Stator rewinding

Our coil winding is a core function within our factory whereby specially designed machines have been built to ensure that coils can be manufactured to a high Quality standard. We are specialized in Random Wound Coils,Form Wound Coils for Low Medium and High voltage motors and manufactured to fulfil the Customer’s needs.

Dynamic Balancing of Rotor

Unbalance is the most common source of vibration in machines with rotating parts.Basically, all machines have some form of residual vibration. Enormous vibration in Motors can cause high levels of noise and more importantly, significantly reduce the life of components. So, the ideal thing to do would be to remove all causes of vibration and allow the machine to run completely smooth. The process of balancing is the removal or addition of weight to the device, so that this effective mass center approaches the true axis.Balancing of rotors prevents excessive loading of bearings and avoids fatigue failure, thus increasing the useful life of motor. Our high speed balancing machine can balance the rotors with high accuracy.

Spare Parts

This is no exception when it comes to supplying spare parts for the service and maintenance of your Motors.Our stock room is filled with spare parts where we have managed to have got our hands on brand new parts altogether. Whether you are looking for Bearings, Rotor bars, cooling fans, fan covers, end-shields, terminal boxes and blocks, the team here at TME can deliver the goods.Our stock covers a variety of manufacturers and we also store a massive quantity.

Load Testing of HV Motors

The primary reason for load testing is to verify that the motor produces torque, corresponding to the Nameplate parameters such as Kilowatt / Horse power, Speed, Voltage and Current. If it is a DC motor, another key consideration would be commutations. i.e. to verify that there is no sparking at the brushes.

Load testing is performed to help you:

  • Ensure the reliability of your motor
  • Validate repairs
  • Verify performance
  • Ensure system compatibility between motors and drives
  • Identify the maximum operating capacity / efficiency of your motor
  • Identify any faults.