An Introduction to TME

TECO Middle East (TME) is the leading electrical low, medium and high voltage induction motors manufacturer founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia serving clients throughout the Middle East. We have more than 125 years experience in delivering innovative, quality and economical integrated engineering solutions including efficient motor design, manufacturing, quality control and technology that are all licensed by our strong international counterpart.


To be the leading provider of innovative electrical solutions for industrial transformation.


We ensure our clients and partners success through our dedicated, experienced team who provide exceptional quality and cost effective products and services globally.


We pride ourselves in delivering quality products and services to our clients. Our certifications illustrate our drive in achieving the best so that we can deliver the best.


We offer various quality integrated services to our clients at our service shop.
Our experienced and skilled technical team can tailor solutions specific to each client.

Field Service and Testing

TME offers services in Installation and Removal, Start up/Commissioning, Testing, Acceptance and Diagnostic, Troubleshooting and Technical assistance, Field Maintenance, Repairs and Rewinds.

Engineering Services

Our maintenance program ensures we go beyond delivering to our clients. Our predictive maintenance service predicts the occurrence of a failure before it happens mitigates the consequences of a breakdown.

Repair Services

We rewind and repair AC & DC Motors (L.V. M.V. HV.). As well as renew and engineer parts. We also deliver all components after sale services eg. warranty, spare parts, upgrade and modification.